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Isn't wanting sex natural?


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Signs of Sex Addiction

Early on, the signs of sex addiction may not be extremely easy to see but as time goes on, the signs will typically become more prevalent. Because sex addiction tends to progress rapidly and move from small discreet actions on to major, noticeable behaviors, you may recognize the following signs in an individual who is addicted to sex:

  • compulsive masturbation or stimulation
  • extra-marital affairs or multiple affairs in a non-married relationship
  • multiple one nigh stands
  • excessive and consistent use or pornography
  • practicing unprotected, unsafe sex
  • cybersex either over the phone or online
  • prostitution or purchasing the services of a prostitute
  • dating excessively for the ability to have multiple sexual partners
  • voyeurism or watching others have sex
  • rape
  • molestation
  • sexually harassing others
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