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Nancy K. Hall, PhD in Human Development

I have focused on changing and enriching my own life and helping others to decide to make change since 1989.My love of adolescents sent me on an academic journey beginning with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I began this journey at 39 years old and continued on to my Masters Degree in Counseling (Social Science). I knew I was also an educator and made the decision to go on for my PhD in Human Development. I received my doctorate at 51 years old and began teaching at Southern Oregon University in September 2001. I taught Lifespan Development, Personal and Social Adjustment and other Psychology classes. My passion is helping people, through education, which I believe is part of the process to become the best they can be. I moved to Ireland in 2005 and live on two acres outside Edenderry, County Offaly, where I am now privledged to have a plac to do groupeduation classes. I recently retired from teaching at Ballyfermot College of Further Eduation in the Social Care Department.. I have two wonderful children and three amazing grandchildren. My life is just grand!


Eddie Fennell

I started working on 2nd January 1963, with my father, as his apprentice in a flooring company. I spent the next 22 years working with this very wise man till he had to retire. During those years I was taught by him 
as much about being a floor layer as well as being a basically good person. 
Through these years I was always the person in my family who others came to for advice.  I met a nun while working in a hospital where she was the pastoral carer. She told me one day I had a very good temperament and asked me had I ever thought of training to be a counsellor. While I had always been a good listener I also had the idea in my mind to be a counsellor myself so I made enquiries. My biggest fear was 
my lack of formal education. I had a discussion with a lady who had done the course and she advised me to try an introductory course. I enrolled in a week long introductory course in IICP in Tallaght. After the week I was offered a place on a 2 year course and decided to go for it. I will always be eternally grateful to the all of the tutors and staff over those 2 years and particularly Marcella Finnerty who encouraged me all along the way. I still volunteer there as much as I can and have gained wonderful experience over the years. As I approach retirement time from my flooring contracting I now look forward to working as a counsellor full time where I live. But I will still volunteer in IICP as my way of saying thanks for the faith they had in me.
I have three wonderful children and four grandchildren who make life amazing.

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